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Our Position!

Posted on: 22 October 2014

As muslims and faithful people we are appalled at what happened in Quebec and our nation’s capital.  Islam was never a religion built on violent unprovoked attacks and will never be represented by the few who have understood it to be as such.  


We condemn any treacherous attacks made on behalf of islam on innocent, civilians, non-combative people.   


The actions of such individuals are representative of themselves.  They do not represent our islam.  They make us fearful the same as they make others.  Their actions make us grief for the loss of our fellow humans.  Such actions of extremists, as well, make it only difficult for law abiding, truly faithful, and caring muslims to live in peace amongst the rest of the world. 


It is at times as these that we remember that extremists have murdered, tortured, and displaced more muslims than non-muslims, in the name of Islam.  


Muslim Canadians share the faith of two billion muslims but at the same time share Canadian values of tolerance, inclusiveness, and care for humanity.  Muslim Canadians care for the world as other Canadians do as they are active participants of Canadian society.  Muslim Canadians are doctors, educators, civil servants, and labourers.  Muslim Canadians play hockey, basketball, and the vast majority of them have decided to be Canadians by choice.  Our fellow Canadians should rest assure that, as Muslim Canadians, we support Canada, we love Canada, and we will protect Canada against such attacks.



We would like to extend our invitation to contact us for any inquiries as to what islam, as understood and practiced by over one billion people, truly represents.



We pray that Allah keep Canada safe and protect it from any evil.  




Mamoun S. Hassan

Islamic Centre of Clarington, Imam



Our Position!

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