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Weekend School

Our vision is to provide a comprehensive educational frame work that teaches our

students to integrate within society with pride, knowledge, and wisdom that are rooted

in islamic values and impartial from day to day life. We, also, have a vision of

developing life-long islamic educational habit to encourage our students to continue and

further embrace islamic education as they grow into young adults and into effective

members of our society.

Our vision is to develop the abilities of Young Muslim Canadians to
integrate islamic values into their everyday lives.

Such a vision can only be reached through arming our youths with the Islamic knowledge that is

necessary for worshipping and important for their relationship with their lord, the islamic etiquette that

enables them to interact with muslims and non-muslims, and the islamic wisdom that enables

their integration into their local muslim congregation, their school community, and the broader



We are looking for Islamic Studies Teachers.
Start Date: 01/03/2014
End Date: 14/06/2014
Teacher: Imam
Cost: $50/month/child

Prayer Timetable

Fajr6:14 6:45
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